Frequently Asked Questions

  • We don’t have a minimum to become a client, but we do charge for a minimum of 5 listings (so if you have 3, you’ll pay for 5 monthly until you get to 6).

  • Yes - we can provide full historical financials or we can use your existing financials and upload those to QuickBooks Online.

  • Each client will be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper that will handle their weekly transactions and monthly reporting. Our global team is well positioned to provide maximum customer support. Each client will have a dedicated Client Lead that will be their primary point of contact and handle paying vendors weekly, owners on a monthly basis, and anything else the client needs including communicating status during month-end. We aim to respond to any request within 1 business day so you will not be left waiting for answers.

  • We license VR Platform on behalf of our clients which utilizes API connections to your Property Management System, Airbnb, Stripe, and to bring all booking and payment information together for accurate posting to QuickBooks Online. We utilize Uncat to request information on a weekly basis about transactions. If a client chooses the Silver plan, we will provide a BILL subscription for electronic payment and Dokka for invoice and receipt submission via an app and dedicated email address. If a client needs payroll, we recommend Gusto.

  • Trust accounting means every month your trust account is balanced to ensure it is fully funded for all future liabilities (e.g. taxes, deposits on future stays, owner disbursements). Once the trust account is balanced, we will let you know how much to transfer from the trust account to your operating account. This transfer will include items like commission, tech fees, and reimbursable expenses. This ensures you can properly run your business out of your operating account and rest easy knowing your trust account is fully funded and 100% compliant.

  • All revenue is posted to QuickBooks Online and allocated by listing by VR Platform which is connected to the PMS, Airbnb, Stripe, and We will connect all business bank accounts and credit cards to QBO which allows us to see all expenses through every account. If there are other logins that would be helpful (e.g. utility accounts) we will ask for those too so we can accurately record those expenses. If clients choose our Silver plan, they can send in receipts and invoices via email or scan via an app. They can let us know how to charge the expense and any other relevant information. If we are unsure or need additional information about a charge, we will send the transaction to Uncat, a software that we use to ask the client to help us appropriately record the expense. On a monthly basis we will reconcile all bank accounts, credit cards, escrow balances, and loans to ensure no transaction is missed.